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~ Run Like It’s Your Last ~

While adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, a man from nowhere suddenly grabbed the monstrance where my Sweet Jesus is displayed for worship, and hurried himself out toward the exit door. By impulse, I instantly stood up and ran after the man. The mystery man cut his way through many different, unfamiliar side streets and ran awfully fast that I could barely keep up with his pace. I can’t recall what I did but I somehow managed to get hold of the monstrance (alive) and placed it close to my heart and ran as fast as I could not knowing where my tired and aching feet would take me.

I finally stopped running and went inside a house full of people, simply observing, with both arms crossed over my chest securing the monstrance, tightly hidden, fully determined not to let go of Jesus until I know for certain that He is safe. I looked around and noticed that most of the people were wearing clerical collars. We have priests in the house! Talk about Divine Providence.

I slowly unfolded my arms with full view of the vessel for everyone to see, only to find out that the glass luna of the monstrance was cracked in the middle but the consecrated Eucharistic host remained intact! Everyone knelt and bowed down in worship, and my Sweet Jesus was on display once again and was given the adoration and reverence He truly deserved. AWESOME!

Then I woke up 🙂
January 21st, 2008