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Archive for October, 2010

~ Primum Est Vivere ~

‎”Primum est vivere! The first thing is life! Life is the right that trumps all other rights. Without the right to life no other rights are possible.”

~ Step-up for Down Syndrome Walk ~

A walk for a great cause! Nice weather, too.

~ Picnic Time! ~

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Today was truly a blessed day! We had the picnic for the elderly, and everyone had a blast! Dancing, bingo, and more dancing. Sister D’s parents drove all the way from New Orleans to celebrate with the “young at heart” and and the lovely couple did their famous “Cajun Dance,” and everyone joined in (at least some of us) :). They all loved their gift prizes and enjoyed a hearty meal, Southern-style! Today was also extra special because I was officially received into the LAY Missionaries of Charity! What a blessing, indeed! Thank you to my family, my friends, the Sisters, my LMC family, fellow volunteers, and all the wonderful people instrumental to this gratifying journey. God is surely present in our lives.