Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

A majority of us have developed a general understanding of the existence of an omnipotent, all powerful, all loving and merciful God with all the infinite superlative attributes combined that are beyond and above human description who transcends time and space, conceived of as the majestic, “supernatural creator and overseer of the universe,” and the source and compass of all morality but we rarely pertain to God as someone possessing a sense of humor which is quite contrary to the generally accepted persona of a godly character that is usually within the standards of all seriousness, conventionalized and subdued nature, rather than joking and half-hearted representation.

It gives me great delight to assume that God does have the most amazing sense of humor, and could crack the best punch line of all time without trying too hard. Besides, it is our Christian core belief that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, is simultaneously fully divine and fully human, thus, God’s human nature could superficially support my purely hypothetical assumption of God cracking up a joke or two, or getting a laugh out of the situations derived from our self-profiting interests with self-centered wants and clouded concept of needs, or maybe God playing some kind of trick on me, etc.

Does God really work this way? Does He ridicule us and create a mockery of us when we opt to deviate from His ways and follow our lead and inclinations instead? Let’s keep in mind though that God the Father gave His only begotten Son to be born only to die for us, so it doesn’t quite fit in to associate God getting a laugh out from our unfortunate circumstances. Remember that God is the source of all happiness and He takes delight in every joy that we have, He does not take comfort in our sorrows but rather takes action to counterbalance our sadness.

So instead of wondering if God has a sense of humor, it might be more appropriate to infer that our God is a God of surprises, who has the tendency to respond to our needs uniquely personal with a twinge of mirth and humor, and completely different from what we anticipate to receive, not because He wants to contradict or aggravate us and make us uncomfortable but He knows what’s best for us; He undeniably reads the heart well, magnificently distinguishes the maladies of the soul, and gently covers the surface punctuated by injuries with unrestricted endearment and affection of no boundaries.

Either way, God loves to see us smiling, chuckling and busting a move or two in our euphoric moments. He chuckles and celebrates right along with us, and loves to see us take great pleasure in it. When the time comes that we acknowledge our flawed human reaction and learn to accept the fact that God’s plan turns out to be the best decision ever made (even if it initially caused us to squirm), we could have assumed that God was exercising His sense of humor but in all reality, He was certainly surprising us with what He already knew to be the best in the first place. He is the Master of the plan after all.


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