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~ Coffee Time ~

Met a friend of mine today after work whom I haven’t seen in a while. She’s quite a busy lady who does so much for her community. Needless to say, she has lived a somewhat charmed life not because of the usual abundance of wealth or overflow in prosperity and success, but partly how she epitomizes the foundation of simple and modest living, and is quite the prototype of how to kick life’s clutter to the curb and kiss stress goodbye! Despite ups and downs in life that we both share as commonality, she recognizes her journey as a blessing and feels the need to share that blessing by giving back to her community in so many ways – and not just for the holidays. Quite often, I call her at home and her husband answers and tells me that she is at the church… again. Hahaha. Anyways, after so much phone taggings, I finally got hold of her and decided to meet, had some coffee, hung out at the park, and caught up with each other…until it rained and we called it a night! It was lovely.

Comments on: "~ Coffee Time ~" (4)

  1. michele seago said:

    I liked getting together this afternoon its too bad it had to start raining again. Mags is a such a wonderful friend mine I am so glad we worked together.

  2. Likewise, Michele!

  3. michele seago said:

    I like the way you have added the pictures to your blog.
    I put your site no my favorites so next time I can find you quicker.

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