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~ The Shadow In The Light ~

Such beauty, grace and splendor inherent
Inspiring to most and intrigued by some in torment
Driven by love and dedication to the Son
Her mission at hand remains hopeful, powerful and divine.

Eager and obedient with absolute trust
A portrait of credence and certitude, and not even a twinge of disgust
Unmitigated by her youth
but motivated by the Father’s Divine Truth
She said yes to the call
to be the vessel for the Lord
Who would be the Savior of all.

Such display of humility so fearless and bold
By the archangel the birth of the Messiah foretold
Paved the way to God’s grace in delivering us from bondage to sin
To set us free from condemnation
And simultaneously escape eternal damnation.

O Mary, my Queen, my Patroness, my Intercessor
You are the moon that claims not to be the source of light
But the shadow that reflects the light of the Divine Son,
The One True Light of the world.

~ So Long, My Dearest Sisters! ~

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We thrive and grow when we’re surrounded by people we love and care about. We sigh when they leave…BIG sigh :(. I can’t escape feeling sad today…sort of ambivalent about the whole thingy. Why do you have to leave ALL at the same time? Oh well, I guess, it is when we are feeling sad that we develop new insight about ourselves…BUT I don’t want a new insight about myself right now …hahaha—(you, selfish Mags :)). I’m missing you already Sister DM & Sister LG! Hope to see you again, someday!

~ My Daddy Groovy ~

Can\'t Cry Hard Enough – Bellefire
Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi
Former Minalin Vice Mayor Pedro S. Magat Honored

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Today marks what would have been your 82nd birthday. Can’t believe it’s been two years. I hope that you are at peace, my beloved Tata and that you are still smiling up in heaven as I always dream of you smiling, the way I remember you when you were alive. I’m glad that I dream of you smiling and laughing because I couldn’t bear it if I saw you any other way. I’d like to think of you smiling down on me from heaven also. Of course, it is impossible for us to envision what heaven will be like but I imagine heaven to be a place where we witness the true depiction of ultimate happiness, indeed; the fulfillment of all our desires…the realization of all the dreams concealed; authentic, unparalleled and beyond description, that elevates mortal susceptibility to a heightened level of trance-like state that transcends normal consciousness, and links humanity with celestial bliss that ONLY a supreme nature with divine power can take ownership of. I am inclined to hope for a future to reunite with you after this life ends as GOD promised before the world began.

Ta, I hope I make you as proud of me as I am of you; everything I do, by the grace of GOD, I am doing for you because that is what you did for me.

You will always be my daddy, and I will always be your little girl you put up with all those years who made your life pretty “interesting.”

Well, I shall see you again soon. Take pleasure on your birthday, celestial style! :)Please kiss Jesus, Mama Mary and my dear Lazaro for me. I love you and always will. Oh yeah, I miss the heck out of yah, Daddy Groovy!


~ To The Moon And Back ~

What a lovely day! It’s Mother’s Day for the awesome moms, and First Communion for the children. What a special day, indeed. A regular Sunday at Church turns into a double celebration! Congratulations to all the children who received the Eucharist for the first time… the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To my dearest Ima, the most special woman in my life…I’m afraid I’ll do a lousy job describing what I appreciate most about you. For everything you’ve done for me, I’m thankful and appreciative; for the woman I am, I am indebted.

I love you all the way right up to the moon and back! I miss you, Ima!

~ What Sin? ~


The day for the children’s First Confession has finally arrived after weeks of rigorous preparation! The kids appeared nervous and anxious but I sensed a bit of excitement as well amidst a backdrop of bewildered looks and stares. I asked a few of them how they felt after finally getting rid of the blemishes and the offenses committed against God off their chest and mind, and they unanimously responded, “It felt good!”

When God says, ” I absolve you from your sins,” believe that God really meant it. We are mindful of our lack of love when we stand before it. When we did something in the past that we regret of doing, and lay it before God, He’d say: ” I will pulverize it, and I will remember it no more! What sin?” That is the power of God when He forgives us…when He heals us. Leave the sins of the past in the past. Let not the past cloud our perception of the future. The mercy of God is simply awesome!