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~ What Sin? ~


The day for the children’s First Confession has finally arrived after weeks of rigorous preparation! The kids appeared nervous and anxious but I sensed a bit of excitement as well amidst a backdrop of bewildered looks and stares. I asked a few of them how they felt after finally getting rid of the blemishes and the offenses committed against God off their chest and mind, and they unanimously responded, “It felt good!”

When God says, ” I absolve you from your sins,” believe that God really meant it. We are mindful of our lack of love when we stand before it. When we did something in the past that we regret of doing, and lay it before God, He’d say: ” I will pulverize it, and I will remember it no more! What sin?” That is the power of God when He forgives us…when He heals us. Leave the sins of the past in the past. Let not the past cloud our perception of the future. The mercy of God is simply awesome!


Comments on: "~ What Sin? ~" (2)

  1. michele seago said:

    I was told as a little girl that all my sins are swept into a bottle and when I go to confession and I tell my sins that bottle that had all my sins becomes clear. I always feel good after confession. Confession sometimes is just to go speak of your troubles or problems because you may find the answer you were looking for. Confession is for everyone at all ages- God wants to see us face to face.
    Congratulations around the world to all the children this past weekend.

  2. Sacramental confession is truly a wonderful gift from God, Michele…I am appreciating it more as I grow older, and so thankful for it. Oh, we were a week late on this First Communion…everyone had it last weekend 🙂

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