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~ My Daddy Groovy ~

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Today marks what would have been your 82nd birthday. Can’t believe it’s been two years. I hope that you are at peace, my beloved Tata and that you are still smiling up in heaven as I always dream of you smiling, the way I remember you when you were alive. I’m glad that I dream of you smiling and laughing because I couldn’t bear it if I saw you any other way. I’d like to think of you smiling down on me from heaven also. Of course, it is impossible for us to envision what heaven will be like but I imagine heaven to be a place where we witness the true depiction of ultimate happiness, indeed; the fulfillment of all our desires…the realization of all the dreams concealed; authentic, unparalleled and beyond description, that elevates mortal susceptibility to a heightened level of trance-like state that transcends normal consciousness, and links humanity with celestial bliss that ONLY a supreme nature with divine power can take ownership of. I am inclined to hope for a future to reunite with you after this life ends as GOD promised before the world began.

Ta, I hope I make you as proud of me as I am of you; everything I do, by the grace of GOD, I am doing for you because that is what you did for me.

You will always be my daddy, and I will always be your little girl you put up with all those years who made your life pretty “interesting.”

Well, I shall see you again soon. Take pleasure on your birthday, celestial style! :)Please kiss Jesus, Mama Mary and my dear Lazaro for me. I love you and always will. Oh yeah, I miss the heck out of yah, Daddy Groovy!


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  1. michele seago said:

    I know you are in Heaven in a glorified body you are looking down at your family and friends and praying for all of us please pray for me to.
    How lucky you are to see God always. To be at home and awaiting the rest of the family to be with you.
    Mags loves you so very much
    I love you to.

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