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Dejar de cantar, I believe, translates to stop singing. I’ve taken a number of Spanish classes (both in high school and college), and with that amount of studying, one can only assume that I can easily construct a whole sentence, or better yet, carry a simple conversation in Spanish, right? Wrong. I can read simple things in Spanish but the minute someone starts talking in Spanish I am totally lost. In other words, I can read and literally speak the words (without regard to whether I pronounce the words correctly or not :)) but I don’t “speak” the language. But that didn’t stop me from singing this morning at mass. While attending Spanish Sunday Mass with the kids who are bi-lingual (Spanish/English), I was proudly and nonchalantly singing the hymns without an ounce of hesitancy, until 6 year old Lindsay whispered in my ear: “Could you please stop singing already?” It was the little girl’s candid way of telling me that I am not doing the songs a good bit of justice making the hymns unlistenable due to my faulty Spanish pronunciation! Oh well, at least I know now what “dejar de cantar, por favor” means.


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