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A historic milestone for my hometown MINALIN in the Philippines! Today is the day that our town’s parish Santa Monica Catholic Church, built in May 17,1614 receives a rare and prestigious recognition and becomes a National Cultural Treasure.

National Cultural Treasure: Sta Monica Parish Church, Minalin, Philippines

Those of you who lived this way understand the nostalgia I felt as I watch the video and read through the captions. Countless moments spent at this church in this very small town of faithful and peace-loving Minalineños, bring back once again a state swayed by sentiments and wistful yearning for warmth and happiness shared through the years, that exude heartfelt comradery and a feeling of kinship not only among families and friends but with the whole community what seems like a genuine brotherly bond and a spirit of good fellowship among the young and the old alike. To celebrate this remarkable achievement on the day of the Feast of our Patron Saint Sta Monica makes this historic event even more special.

Kudos to Father Greg Vega and all the Minalineños responsible for this undertaking. My dear Tata would have been so thrilled and mighty proud to witness such honor and prestige brought to our beloved town. ALL for the glory of God!

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Photo Credits: Cathy L. Dysangco, Joji Mendoza & Mandis Naguit


Comments on: "~ Small Town…You Blink And You Miss It…Not This One ~" (2)

  1. nelia pasion mendoza said:

    Wow, I Love it, as I glimps on the video pics my mind flash back as I grow in Minalin, My mom always says early in the morning miblas naca simba ca ta, lumacad cami manibat Sta Rita angga plaza, this happened in the late 50’s. thru 60’s. Sana mibalic ing aca ugalian at a sacsian ing macabang prusisyun ustung fiesta, mal a aldo ning cuaresma (miercules, biernes santo at pascung pagcabie) at quetang Mayo 17, 1970 quening pisamban parochia ng Apung Monica cami Micasal at ing Pangane cu queni ya Mebinyag. . . . . . . Apung Sta Monica ipanalangin tala ding masipag a manimuna qng obra ning casalpantayanan qng Parochia. Jesus, Mary and St Joseph help my beloved town. Amen

  2. Thanks po, Ate Nelia for the very warm commentary. Madagul ku pu kapasalamatan king Apung Guinu at kareng pengari tamu at midinan tamu pung oportunidad na king MInalin tamu ngan mengadagul. We are so blessed to be a part of a community of simple and God-fearing people. Tutu kayu pu ken at sana lalu pang lumawak at a maintain la deng tradisyun na ning kekatang balen at ning Parochia ng Apung Sta Monica. I am hopeful that our town and parish will continue to pursue its mission and abide by the Sacred Traditions that are dear to our hearts and true to our Catholic faith. At sana pin pu, potang maglimbun, ating tau king both sides at alang putut…I remember ou anyang malati kami na pag mag limbun, alang putut deng lines on both sides…pag ating space, mag stop pu ing prusisyun, then they make sure na sunud sunud la deng tau king both sides/lines at alang space bayu la maglakad ulit at i- resume de ing prusisyun. A-obserbahan ku pu kasi ngeni na deng tau pung makipag limbun, atiu na la keng gulut na ning Imahen/carriage, at ala na pu kareng both sides, kaya atin pung space.

    Very memorable ya pu pala ing May 17th to both of us. Birth date ne rin pung Tata ku ita.

    May God continue to bless the town of MInalin through the intercession of Mama Mary, St. Joseph, Apung Sta. MOnica and St. Augustine.


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