Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

Are you still shopping for a potential Presidential candidate that would fit into your core values? Are you on the hunt for someone who:

1. opposes to welfare and government funds but is in favor of government funds going to victims of floods, fires, and earthquakes who are in need, VERSUS someone who supports social welfare programs that make people dependent on the government and limit their initiative?
2. is against abortion who wants to save the lives of unborn fetuses?
3. is willing to increase the budgets for the military and for prisons on the grounds that they provide protection?
4. enforces the 10th Amendment?; someone who favors states’ rights over the power of the federal government? “All power not specifically delegated to the federal government by our Constitution is reserved for the states and for we the people.”
5. gives free rein in government regulations to support the expansion of the economy to allow small businesses considerable freedom to maximize entrepreneurship and increase their ability to hire more people?
6. will lead America to be energy independent to become energy superpower by tapping into our local/domestic energy supplies?
7. will prevent the triumph of crony capitalism that caters to special tax breaks and hand-outs to friends in the political world, etc.?; someone who actually dealt with this cronyism first hand, who has the bumps and bruises to prove it, fighting the corruption and fighting the power of manipulation in favor of one or more government entities?
8. will repeal the ultimate mandate, Obamacare?

Take it, Sarah… it’s yours! Throw your hat in the ring!

Todd Palin A Modern Day Gary Cooper and a Man’s Man
Stephen K. Bannon’s Candid Interview with Sarah Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath Jr.
PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters
Palin's Experience. Checkmate.

For the cynicals out there… please grab you a copy of the documentary THE UNDEFEATED. Game changer? You betcha!


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