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Have we been spooked out of celebrating a part of our Christian rich tradition on Halloween that we intentionally omit and deviate from costumes engaging in witchcraft, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils that Halloween costumes are traditionally modelled after, or are we simply out of fashion? Well, I’m glad I didn’t have to travel too far to celebrate All Saints Day (also known as Hallowmas, All Hallows, and Hallowtide) with the nuns in downtown Memphis.

I was planning on being a cool FBI agent for Halloween but the nuns dressed me as an angel for the Feast of All Saints. That is so awesome 🙂 Hanging out with the likes of “Saints Therese of Lisieux, Maria Goretti…”

All Saints Day Performance—with “Lucia/Jacinta and Francisco of Our Lady Of Fatima,” and of course “Saint Juan Diego of Our Lady of Guadalupe.” The kids loved playing their parts as saints and visionaries…with the costumes and all 🙂

With “Little Lucia? of Our Lady of Fatima,”…I believe. She’s so adorable!

So glad I was an “angel”… I didn’t have to memorize any lines!

With my fellow “angel” & “Blessed Mother Teresa”

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  1. I am going to suggest this to our Religious Director at Nativity it would be wonderful to have the children put on a play.

  2. That would be wonderful, MIchele. And thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and read my posts. If you have not seen Pride and Prejudice 2005, I posted a clip of Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth and I highly recommend you see it… and I bet you’ll be compelled to watch the whole movie 🙂 I posted it under “The Ever Ardently Mr. Darcy Lives” category…and you’ll fall in love with Mr. Darcy over and over and over again ..haha…

  3. Reblogged this on justlovinglife and commented:

    Do I get to chill with the wonderful gals this year? I certainly hope so. I don’t mind learning a line or two by heart 🙂

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