Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

I’m almost certain that we all have that someone whom we get to call, “the one that got away,” or the encounter we once had that we thought had a promising potential for relationship—-(oops… I like that line) and never dared to give it a chance; or maybe that one thing we decided to terminate before it even began, or go after that one person (someone we liked and actually attracted to) and never did attempt to pursue him or her. Big sigh, huh?

Oh well, waves of nostalgia suddenly swept over me…sort of a bittersweet longing for one person and a situation in my past that was cut short prematurely and never reached its full potential. There is always that someone who stands out not because of a lingering, unspilled affection for the person, or an ounce of regret and being encapsulated by it, but more so, I am left to wonder what might have been had I allowed it to grow exponentially and take its course.

This is something that we will have to live by whether we are living happily ever after or still hoping for and working on meeting the right person.

For those who have found their true partner in love and life, perhaps your ‘the one that got away’ scenario is just the precursor that paved the way to meeting your one true love. How much different would your life be if you got your way with the one that got away? Can you even fathom what your life would be like if you went that route? Imagine a life deprived of what you already have today that you so treasure despite its imperfections, limitations, flaws, eccentricities and weirdness. Be thankful.

For those who are still on the look out, or headed towards relationship bliss with that special someone, let’s try to explore those untapped emotions that need to be examined further, to not look back and put ourselves in entrapping situations and not languish in an introspective quagmire of what ifs. Let us not fall prey to negativity and become victims of either our own insecurities or over-inflated confidence that create a heightened level of susceptibility to emotional turmoil, and be casualties of love like what happened to Julia Roberts in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding:”

“If you love someone, you say it, you say it right there, out loud. Otherwise the moment just passes you by.”

I’m just sayin’ 🙂

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