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Do the UNTHINKABLE, Iowa! This is your chance to change the course of history. Let’s just say, it’s your historic duty. Why settle for spam when you could have Filet Mignon? Go ROGUE and…Grrr!

What other people say…

Person #1
‎24,000 emails and this is what they said

“Not only were there no scandals, the e-mails actually show Palin is funny, honest, consistent, compassionate, likable — it all amounts to another humiliating defeat in the relentless quest to destroy Sarah Palin”.

Vote Rogue ! Sarah Louise Palin POTUS 2012

Person #2
The world is fixing to find out if Iowans are really Independent or going with the same Republican establishment. “We decide for you” and y’all fall in line.
Ask yourselves this. If you were lost in the wild, who would you trust to do the right thing not part of the time but all of the time? We have all seen what just 3 years of Obama has gotten us. Or to put it simply, who would you trust if y’all were stranded in a snowstorm with just 4 other people? Sarah and Todd Palin with a snow machine or Barack and Michelle Obama with a tele- prompter? Give me the Palin’s. And the Romney’s would just offer money for someone to lead them out. Vote Rogue! Caucus Sarah Palin.

Person #3
Dear Iowa Voters,

Before you cast your vote on Caucus day, please consider, as an Iowan and an American:

If you are a farmer, who do you want working in the fields with you?
If you are a fisherman, who do you want casting the nets with you?
If you are a gun owner, who do you want protecting your rights?
If you are a small business owner, who do you want managing the finances for you?
If you have to take care of someone with special needs, at home or at work, who do you want advocating for them?
If you have a military family member whose life was touched by war, who do you want praying with you?

Romney? Paul? Gingrich? Perry? Bachmann? Santorum?

I believe you’d pick Sarah Palin because SARAH PALIN IS YOU.

Please write-in Sarah Palin.

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