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~ I Wish You Had Stayed ~

That Wednesday morning my dearest Ima recalls
Pacing back and forth, and in & out of the hall, you took that call.
Little drops of rain began floating down, and we cheered
Never would have imagined that later we will be drowning in tears.
You said, “Let me play with little Bianca and stay.”
But you grabbed an umbrella instead and started your day.
You were rollin’ and reluctantly hit the road, I was told.

Arousing feelings of helplessness and uncertainty filled the air,
Extreme anxiety and deep sorrow we dared not to bear
As we dealt with the news of an unfortunate fate
The premature taking of a life so amazing and so great.

The tragedy has pierced my heart and shattered my soul
And divided a field what used to be whole.
My tears weighed a ton and my heart so heavy
With the loss of a brother whom I loved so dearly.

I’ll spend forever wondering what might have been
If you stayed that day I can’t even begin to imagine.
Great memories of you are all I have
And the occasional dreams that our Lord allows me to have.

I grieve for thee, Lazaro my brother
You were my great delight sent from up above by our Father.
Yes, I mourn and struggle with the tragic loss, and I strive
But it’s GOD’s love that keeps me strong and alive…
Who speaks to my soul, and sings to my heart.

Our beloved Lazaro with little Bianca, Set and Paolo

Can't Cry Hard Enough by Williams Brothers

~ Swallow Thy Pride, Buddy!~

A Helpful Suggestion for The Late Show.

Go for it, Dave! It’s for the good of mankind… plus, it will surely boost your TV ratings.

Gotta love this:

“POTUS: Can, uh, we, uh, go to, uh, I’m Barack Obama, and I don’t, uh, approve this message.”