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~ Lexicon Welcomes Yet A New Word: MARQUEZ ~


~ Somebody’s Katie ~


Sat next to a gray-haired man named Harry
While on a long wait
at a departure gate.
He looked at me and said:
My world was an awesome story for two
That lasted for over half a century.
Katie was the woman I chose to marry
Who had the command to comfortably hang out with.
She was the other kid in the playground
I would most like to play with.

So now I stand,
In a place I never stood before
And I find myself
A reason to believe that…
Maybe I want to be somebody’s Katie.
I’m starting to believe the other side of me
Who’s been too lazy that…
Maybe I want to be somebody’s world.
Somebody’s force of light
Part of a story, beginning, middle or end.
Somebody’s moon, full and bright
Somebody’s breeze, just cool and right.

Harry said:
From the time the bouquet was thrown
And my queen took my ring and made me her king,
Until the time she took her last breath,
Katie was beaming with joy.
And as she was graced with silver hair
and unflattering creases she dared not to bare,
I loved Katie even more,
Maxed out to the core.

In this light,
I’m beginning to see the crazy part of me that…
I wanna be somebody’s Katie
To be somebody’s other kid in the playground…
Somebody’s crescent in the sky, semi-circle or round.
Somebody’s star, sublime with infinite glow,
To captivate and hold a power that we never out-grow.
Yes, I want it all…
The dress, the bouquet, the orange blossoms, and the “I’ll Be’s,”
Even the gray hair, the creases and the wrinkle freeze
Just like Harry had Katie.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
Marry Me by Train and Martina McBride