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~ For The Undeserving Soul ~


When I look at the Cross
I see a life that was lost.
A future paid for at a high cost
By a Creature, beaten, wounded and tossed.
Was left with nothing more to exhaust
In exchange for eternal gain for the human soul.
A gesture so great
A noble act to be the bait,
The human heart cannot fathom
Only the Divine can ransom.

When I look at the Cross
I see an act of self-giving,
Immeasurable, worthy of thanksgiving.
Full of hope for the wounded world,
Dearly loved by our Lord
Who never hesitated to surrender
To the will of the Father
For the sake of a brother.

When I look at the Cross
I see excruciating pain, the deepest wounds, spiritual agony
That proved to be the testimony for so many
Paved the way to the promised glory
By the Father, who is The One and Most Holy
Through the death of His Son, His One and Only.
All for the sake of His people destined for glory.

When I look at the Cross
I see the triumph of good and downfall of evil;
The beginning of a journey to follow ahead
Or fall astray and go the other way instead.

When I look at the Cross
I see, above all,
The ultimate gift of life immortal
By a desiring Supreme Being who gave His all
For the unworthy and undeserving soul.

So when we are all bottled up inside with tribulations
And feel that we can hardly breathe with our earthly situations,
Look at the Crucifix closely and see beyond His suffering, His torture and humiliation.
There you’ll find our Lord leaning forward
***With His head bending down, He wants to give you a kiss
With both arms open wide, He wants to give you an embrace***

With His heart pierced through, He’s ready to take you in,
And utter the words “I Thirst” because He thought of us first.
He chose you and me to share in His pain for eternal bliss.
It is as if I can hear Him say, “You did not choose me but I chose you.”
Oh what a joy to be kissed by The One…
And I struggle to grasp that He actually delights in me and you, His daughter and son.

***An excerpt from 33 Days to Morning Glory***

Comments on: "~ For The Undeserving Soul ~" (2)

  1. I went to Jail last week and I wish I had this with me to pass out to the inmates. Mags it is so moving and beautiful. When I go to Church and pry and then stan at the foot of the cross I get all goose pimply. thanks

  2. Thanks, Michele. I prayed before I penned it… words always fall short when I write about Him… He is beyond description!

    It’s never too late to print it out for the inmates the next time you visit then. Please share it with your friends as well. BTW, have you read the other post “A Letter from a Blob of Cells?” Thanks.

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