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~ Sweet Whispers ~








God our Father, thank You for Your love. Have mercy on my Tata’s soul.

God our Father, thank You for Your love. Have mercy on my Tata’s soul.


Originally published on April 12, 2011 at http://magsmagat.blogspot.com/2011/04/sweet-whispers.html

Amidst the absence of audible sound
When every moment fades into a black ground
Every anticipated desire into a standstill
Brings forth sensations of refined and ethereal seal
Melancholic longing resounding
And sweet caress and exuberant talk dawning and imagined.

Each passing night
I try and close my eyes
Mere thoughts of you
At times they break me up
And pull and rip me apart.

Each passing night
Before I close my eyes
I ask God to let us come together
And meet you in my dreams to never
Let no moment pass us by
No matter how transient, no matter how far
To hold each other tight
When everything else seems not quite right.

Each passing night
I hope and anticipate
a date with you, my dearest Pop,
In my dreams that I could scream
I LOVE YOU with all my heart!

Tonight I was sound asleep
Smiling, you kissed me on the cheek
Dried the tears that burn my eyes
And whispered sweet nothings in my ears
Like you used to when I was two.

I Am My Father\'s Daughter


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