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~ Up In Clouds ~

Last night in my dream, I saw an angel with huge wings who was about 25 feet away from where I was standing; he/she was with someone/something but I couldn’t quite get a clear view who/what it/he/she was. As the angel was getting closer to where I was, I suddenly recognized my dad standing in front of me; he was wearing his usual checkered short-sleeved shirt and he was smiling. Then he said: “Hi Teresa;” he bent forward, hugged me gently and he left. I was so happy I couldn’t contain myself; so ecstatic, I got tongue-tied that I couldn’t speak. I woke up reminiscing what just happened, over and over and over again. Every now and then, I do something atypical in a sense that I beg our Lord to allow my dad/brother visit me in my dreams. This night was one of those times that I literally made a true-hearted invocation, and guess what, my Guy did not disappoint! AWESOME! I’m grateful. Keep ‘em comin’, God!

~ Keep Em Comin’, God ~

Today is such a wonderful day. Went for an early mass at the convent for my beloved Tata whose birthday is today. On my way there, I thanked God for St. Peter, St. Paul, the rest of the apostles and all the early Christians —the people who dedicated their lives for JESUS to make known and proclaim the Good News to the whole world; the same folks who were persecuted, threatened, tortured and martyred —all for the sake of JESUS… so that the people of today, like you and I may know, love and serve Him. I am thankful. Though these folks with apostolic zeal suffered a great deal while ministering on earth, they now delight greatly in the company of Christ as GOD promised. It brings me great joy that we too can hope and desire for celestial harvest.

And here’s the best part. The Gospel for today May 17th is John 21:15-19 (I didn’t know this beforehand); it is the gospel about Jesus asking PETER three times if he loves Him. The priest in his homily, talked about Peter, how he suffered, how he died, and is now in heaven! Oh wow!—I couldn’t help it but tears started streaming down my cheeks for the gratitude and grace of this spontaneous experience of God’s love, and for the few minutes to enjoy it …

BTW, my dad’s name is PEDRO aka PETER! God is so awesome!

Here is a video clip of the gospel –John 21:15-19. Fast forward to 1:09:47.
Super love the scene when JESUS asks Peter three times if he loves Him.

Peter appeared nonchalant about it the first time he was asked but he sensed how important this to JESUS that our Lord had to ask him three times just to make sure Peter “gets” it; a scene so powerful as JESUS was preparing Peter to take care of His Church.

~ Never Pitch Black And Cold ~

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Photo credit: Evelyn De Ramos