Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

~ Up In Clouds ~

Last night in my dream, I saw an angel with huge wings who was about 25 feet away from where I was standing; he/she was with someone/something but I couldn’t quite get a clear view who/what it/he/she was. As the angel was getting closer to where I was, I suddenly recognized my dad standing in front of me; he was wearing his usual checkered short-sleeved shirt and he was smiling. Then he said: “Hi Teresa;” he bent forward, hugged me gently and he left. I was so happy I couldn’t contain myself; so ecstatic, I got tongue-tied that I couldn’t speak. I woke up reminiscing what just happened, over and over and over again. Every now and then, I do something atypical in a sense that I beg our Lord to allow my dad/brother visit me in my dreams. This night was one of those times that I literally made a true-hearted invocation, and guess what, my Guy did not disappoint! AWESOME! I’m grateful. Keep ‘em comin’, God!

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