Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

(Reblogged from my original post on May 29, 2012)

Got a parcel, fancy stuff of wishful disposition
A “Back to the Future” kinda science fiction ride, a supernatural wand
A sphere made out of the finest stone
No how-to-do-it manual, decrees or injunctions
Ordinances or convictions to maintain.
Script on the carton that reads: BUILD A LIFE TO BE… HOWEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE.
Will you take it as a teachable moment or a case of playing the field for a carefree life wannabe?
Run a risk, jaunt through it and take revel in it.

What kind of life do you want
Perpetual possibilities
Build a classic work of art
A brilliant piece of creative work that sets you apart.
Be on the lookout, ‘coz real wishes do come true
A rare chance of a lifetime exists knocking its way through.

Should there be party, two parties
Or embark on a third-party fantasy?
Greed, social status, massive power grabs
Create dependent, make-believe tribes
By folks who never care, willing to take bribes.
Proliferate the so-called “blob of cells” to the max
Irritate the 41% of pro-choice club who will argue this fact
But don’t worry, the 50% of pro-life crowd will have your back.

Let every man have a chance,
Not every choice to end life to advance.
Be bold, choose your battle that would rattle
Live, fight and carry on without reserve
You are after all the master of this imagined life
You either take the straight path or swerve.
Allow not a heartbeat to be smothered
Can you dig it so far, my brother?

What kind of life do you want
An advantage you’ll only get once
A shot of a lifetime
Boundless choices in abundance.
Build an army of truth with warriors of might
Pull off a fearless Breitbart Is Here kinda act and ignite
Back off the PC wagon and simply speak up for what is right
Applaud those who are bold enough to fight
the dictatorship of relativism
and courage to flee from it with activism.
Start now without an ounce of cynicism.

A fight this crucial is consequential
Anticipate long dark tunnels along your tail
Or maybe even an albatross around your neck,
And on the verge of collapse.
But let loose of the cry of despair and despondency,
For a new day is dawning,
A new start will come forth.
Foresee a silver lining at the end of the tunnel
A light that shines through in the end
By the Mighty Hand who, all along, had it all penned.

What kind of life do you want
Anything goes
Start pointing the crystal magic wand
Muttering something under your breath
Build a masterpiece of a life to be
However you want it to be.

Dig it?


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