Loving the life you live, and living the life you love!

I love the Flower early on with a sense of glee
The time to care for It at times escapes me.
Water scanty; drive to pour it almost empty.
The soil and dirt clods unbroken, the will so shaken
Weeds unpulled and the Flower unprunned
Still I wonder why the Flower has not fully bloomed.

Glory and praise seldom raised
Exalting and applauding often delayed
Thinking the grandest blessings deserved all thanksgiving
The littlest ones often set aside, claimed less fulfilling.

You called me
You yelled out for me
You shed tears for me
You pierced through my deafness
And put a halt to my blindness,
In Your hope to witness
A transformation from precipitousness to gentleness.

Your face shed its light upon me
Shining brightly, You ordered fear within me to flee,
You cast out doubt to fade away.
Your closeness has blown me away and inspired me never to go astray.

You looked kindly upon my weakness
And with a stroke of Your hand, the weariness vanishes.
You calmly brought forth and sprout a seed of newness
and hastened to my aid and assured me never to be afraid.

I had a taste of Your sweet love,
And now I desire and yearn for You, my Beloved!
I long for Your sweet embrace, that can get me hyped up, crazed and dazed,
Like a wildfire on a surface
Ablaze with love just the thought of seeing Your face.


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