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~ A Letter From A Blob of Cells ~

(Reblogged from my original post on March 2, 2013)

“There have been 56,662,169 abortions (and counting) in America since Roe vs. Wade, and Doe vs. Bolton in 1973, the two most destructive and disastrous decisions of the United States Supreme Court, which legalized abortion throughout pregnancy.”

Today is the 41st anniversary of these decisions. As followers of Christ, we are called to respectfully advance the right to life and protect the vulnerable unborn. Let us offer our prayers for these aborted babies and for babies who will be aborted.

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I have been called a lot of names
A zygote, an embryo, a fetus
A blob of cells but never a human being.
I forbid you to give in to the absurdity of the ‘pro-choice’
Hearing their point you might lose your poise.
Let the laissez-faire minds make some noise, and
Allow not the man-made imposed body of rules trick you into thinking it’s all about women’s rights
What they don’t know is you’re in it for the long run in protecting the lump of cells fight
Dare not listen to the main-stream media
For you might end up getting more of a trivia.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself
I have a human DNA from Day 1
A heartbeat at 18 days
Brainwaves at 6 weeks
I suck my thumb at 9 weeks
My own unique set of fingerprints at 14 weeks
I don’t get it. I’m not a person? Pardon my asking.

Although the feeling of pain is still uncertain
Let me tell you this so you can decide if the pain is real or imagined
In most cases, an instrument is used to reach into my mom’s uterus
To grasp and pull my feet into the cervix, limbs ripped off my body
Scissors are then forced into the base of my tiny skull
And my brains are sucked out
You tell me if I feel pain or not.

(I say to you then)
I’ll rise up for you, my little fella
I’ll be your voice, my tiny Ella,
When you scream and no one seems to hear yah.
You’ll get the chance to grow up shooting hoops or play hula hoops
Cinderella, Woody the Sheriff and Joe the Builder
How Dory and Nemo reunited underwater
And maybe fall in love with Edward in the Zone,
The list of what you can do goes on and on and on.

(The little he/she continues)
I imagine my mom tucking me in the bed
And I beg her for more playtime instead.
I fall asleep with the usual story
Of the Once Upon A Time starters
And the “They Live Happily Ever After.”

Yes this blob of cells after all is quite special
Full of potential,
A gift from up above
Capable of living, loving and yearning to be loved,
That happens to have a heartbeat,
Neat and sweet
To feel mommy’s warmth
And keep me safe from harm
To hear her sing a lullaby
And promise to keep me ‘till it’s time
All I’m asking is to have the same chance to live like she did
And never have to say an early goodbye, heaven forbid.

Be bold, be loud, be unintimidated
Be brave, be fearless and take courage
Bury the filth of the culture of death
Rise up and set aflame all the ways to defend the culture of life.