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~ Somebody’s Katie ~


Sat next to a gray-haired man named Harry
While on a long wait
at a departure gate.
He looked at me and said:
My world was an awesome story for two
That lasted for over half a century.
Katie was the woman I chose to marry
Who had the command to comfortably hang out with.
She was the other kid in the playground
I would most like to play with.

So now I stand,
In a place I never stood before
And I find myself
A reason to believe that…
Maybe I want to be somebody’s Katie.
I’m starting to believe the other side of me
Who’s been too lazy that…
Maybe I want to be somebody’s world.
Somebody’s force of light
Part of a story, beginning, middle or end.
Somebody’s moon, full and bright
Somebody’s breeze, just cool and right.

Harry said:
From the time the bouquet was thrown
And my queen took my ring and made me her king,
Until the time she took her last breath,
Katie was beaming with joy.
And as she was graced with silver hair
and unflattering creases she dared not to bare,
I loved Katie even more,
Maxed out to the core.

In this light,
I’m beginning to see the crazy part of me that…
I wanna be somebody’s Katie
To be somebody’s other kid in the playground…
Somebody’s crescent in the sky, semi-circle or round.
Somebody’s star, sublime with infinite glow,
To captivate and hold a power that we never out-grow.
Yes, I want it all…
The dress, the bouquet, the orange blossoms, and the “I’ll Be’s,”
Even the gray hair, the creases and the wrinkle freeze
Just like Harry had Katie.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
Marry Me by Train and Martina McBride

~ What If You Got Your Way With The One That Got Away? ~

I’m almost certain that we all have that someone whom we get to call, “the one that got away,” or the encounter we once had that we thought had a promising potential for relationship—-(oops… I like that line) and never dared to give it a chance; or maybe that one thing we decided to terminate before it even began, or go after that one person (someone we liked and actually attracted to) and never did attempt to pursue him or her. Big sigh, huh?

Oh well, waves of nostalgia suddenly swept over me…sort of a bittersweet longing for one person and a situation in my past that was cut short prematurely and never reached its full potential. There is always that someone who stands out not because of a lingering, unspilled affection for the person, or an ounce of regret and being encapsulated by it, but more so, I am left to wonder what might have been had I allowed it to grow exponentially and take its course.

This is something that we will have to live by whether we are living happily ever after or still hoping for and working on meeting the right person.

For those who have found their true partner in love and life, perhaps your ‘the one that got away’ scenario is just the precursor that paved the way to meeting your one true love. How much different would your life be if you got your way with the one that got away? Can you even fathom what your life would be like if you went that route? Imagine a life deprived of what you already have today that you so treasure despite its imperfections, limitations, flaws, eccentricities and weirdness. Be thankful.

For those who are still on the look out, or headed towards relationship bliss with that special someone, let’s try to explore those untapped emotions that need to be examined further, to not look back and put ourselves in entrapping situations and not languish in an introspective quagmire of what ifs. Let us not fall prey to negativity and become victims of either our own insecurities or over-inflated confidence that create a heightened level of susceptibility to emotional turmoil, and be casualties of love like what happened to Julia Roberts in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding:”

“If you love someone, you say it, you say it right there, out loud. Otherwise the moment just passes you by.”

I’m just sayin’ 🙂

~Will You Change Your Religion To Marry Someone You Love? ~

Very rarely in life does one encounter a situation that places a significant impact in such a way that which forevermore shall strengthen our innermost nature and integrate the fragmented aspects of ourselves. This may very well come into being although not on a frequent basis, but we will, however at one point, be hit in the face by unfamiliar life’s challenge that requires careful confronting. The manner that we maneuver and approach every challenge may either produce a new layer of character or it may take us to the opposite direction and dread it.

I assume that everyone has heard the old adage that goes something like this:

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be just themselves, and not twist them with our own image – otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”

Partly based on this compelling statement, I will not change my religion to marry someone I love. A dear friend of mine articulated it so well, quote, One could not possibly expect a future spouse to change their preferences, beliefs, character just to please their partner. So true. People just need to be themselves and respect each other’s differences, endquote.

But if the question is reversed in such a way like this one: “Will I marry someone who has a different religion than I am?” Absolutely! Not to trivialize it, being Catholic is very important to me; this is my faith, and everything in it and what it truly stands for is the driving force of who I am, but it doesn’t limit me or diminish my ability to bear exponential fruits for the sake of His kingdom as long as my actions are in loving conformity with the Church, and don’t in any way degrade my self-worth, dignity and value as a human being based on the standards set by our Creator. Of course it will be icing on the cake if we could journey together in this regard with mutual respect, love and admiration for each other’s individualism and the legacy that we adopt that shape the type of person that we have become. To choose to follow someone else’s faith is very personal and distinct. It takes God’s grace to be more receptive and open-minded to see things for what they really are, openness to explore rational possibilities, courage to humbly accept the path where God is leading us no matter how inconvenient it may seem, and embark on another dimension in a rather unconventional way, and consider options we never knew existed that are based on truths and not on relativistic ideals. Above all, we have to desire it; we must allow ourselves to create an avenue that would intensify that hunger for truth and authenticity, keep the fire burning within and take revel in it.

~ Where Art Thou, MY Mr. Darcy? ~

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal: What did he actually say to Elizabeth?

DARCY: Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you. I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgement, my family’s expectation, the inferiority of your birth, my rank and circumstances – all these things -but I am willing to put them aside and ask you to end my agony

LIZZY: I don’t understand.
DARCY: I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand.

Mr. Darcy just made ARDENTLY my favorite word! How lovely! (With my own version of non-authentic, awful and bizarre-sounding British accent, of course!) 🙂