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~ Are You A or B? ~

SCENARIO: In a very small town somewhere in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony, the good, hardworking Mr. Jenkins down the street is driving his new Rolls-Royce. A father and son tandem witnessed the action.

Good ole days reaction of a father to a son: “Son, one day, you can be like Mr. Jenkins and can have the best car in the world. And if by chance you become wealthy because of hard work, excellence in what you do with strong work ethics, and essentially well compensated for it, you can enjoy all the beautiful things this world can offer and still be generous to others especially the needy.”

Current reaction/occupy mentality response of a father to a son: “Why is he even driving that kind of car in this part of the world? What was he thinking? Why would he buy a car for himself as expensive as that one and not just settle for a cheaper one, and give the rest of the money to the poor? Grrr! Let’s go son, and let’s tell our neighbors what a jerk and a show off Mr. Jenkins really is! He is evil!”

Which one are you? I’m definitely a good ole day kinda gal to a T!