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~ I’m All Wired Up & Charged Up! ~

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America – RIGHTLYCONCERNED.COM.

O my beloved America, what have we become as a society? It is now ILLEGAL to feed the homeless and the hungry? I would like to think that we still take ownership of our desire for charitable acts towards others, live with a little more self-giving than usual and play an active role in personal charity but I guess that is no longer the case here.

Imposing stringent policies at a level that allows micromanaging and nitpicking to the smallest details not only makes it impossible to keep up with the criteria of rules; it also diminishes our ability to make a difference in someone else’s life, and our power to carry out good intentions is put to a halt.

Our compassionate instinct, which I believe is an innate human response inherent in the folds of our genetic make-up, is being assaulted by an entity that does not regard personal charity as something exclusive—exclusive to the point that the individual has to make the determination to pursue such act or opt to go the other way without fear of being penalized by the government. Let me get trivially colloquial here: the last time I checked, I thought we make the calls on these matters!

Setting up regulations in place is good but anything in excess and almost complete control on how we maneuver as individuals not only on this regard somehow dictates and violates our inclination to engage and help others. Putting up boundless streams of rules and ordinances written by people we don’t know, and certainly by people we didn’t even vote for is not gonna cut it. Its intrusion creates a mockery of our God-given attributes, and undermines our potential towards fulfilling our collaborative or self-professed commitment to a higher calling of selfless acts of kindness towards others. Where is the intrinsic worth of our actions when we have to “ask permission” from the government to help our fellowmen? Do we have to “ask permission” to show God’s mercy and love to our neighbors? This is insane! Permit no one to keep us from being wired up and charged up to respond to others in need.

~ A Night With The Ladies ~

Spending time with the ladies at the Shelter… with some really quite wonderful group of people, many of whom lead very difficult lives and their stories are really quite remarkable. Hoping for a quiet and uneventful night 🙂