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Archive for November, 2010

~Happy Thanksgiving! ~

Had Thanksgiving with the wonderful ladies and friends! Also drove around the community in one of the distressed areas in downtown Memphis and gave out prepared Thanksgiving meal boxes to over 200 plus elderly. What a wonderful day it has been! All for the glory of God.

~ Thanks, My “Angel” ~

Thank goodness! Someone was kind enough to bring breakfast for the ladies this morning…which means I didn’t have to cook and the ladies won’t have to suffer through any backseat cooking! We had potato casserole, egg casserole, croissant and kielbasa (some kind of Eastern European sausage; mind you I just learned this term today although I’ve been eating this for years!) 🙂 A hearty meal, indeed! Thank you to the “angel” who prepared all of these!

~ A Night With The Ladies ~

Spending time with the ladies at the Shelter… with some really quite wonderful group of people, many of whom lead very difficult lives and their stories are really quite remarkable. Hoping for a quiet and uneventful night 🙂